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Add: No.1700 Beijing Rd.,(W)Shanghai
Tel:+86 21 62586150 / 62538261
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Shanghai Liyou Electrification Co.,Ltd is specialized in design,production,and sales of various kinds of DC power supply, AC Voltage Stabilized Power Supply, DC Voltage Stabilized Power Supply, Electrical Voltage Regulator, , Inversion Power Supply, automobile Inversion power supply, Switching Power Supply, EPS power supply, GZDW DC panel power supply, communication power supply, UPS power supply, Charging Power Supply, charging machine, DC/DC Power Supply, aging power supply.. Consultant Tel.: 021-62586150 ;62538261****** “Liyou”, a Chinese famous brand ****** A professional manufacturer and supplier of the products of charging device for DC power supply, voltage power supply,etc.