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General introduction about solar electrical energy generation and wind power generation

Shanghai Liyou Electrification Co.,Ltd specializes in providing various perfect engineering schemes for various renewable energy source electric power systems, such as solar electric power system, wind electric power system, fuel-cell electric power system and hydraulic electric power system, etc, our products are mainly used in renewable energy source grid-connected electric power systems, off-grid village power supply systems and various kinds of home power systems and can provide electric support for the communication, traffic and street lamp lighting, etc, in the regions with few power grids.

一、Off-grid electric power system
Fan and PV module are power generation components.

Controller (PV controller and wind-solar photovoltaic hybrid controller) regulates and controls the generated electrical energy. On the one hand, it sends the regulated energy to DC load or AC load; on the other hand, it sends the excess energy to the accumulator battery for storage, when the generated electrical energy can meet the requirements of loads, the controller sends the electrical energy in the accumulator battery to the loads. After the storage battery is fully charged, the controller must guarantee that the storage battery can not be over-charged. When the electrical energy stored in the storage battery has been fully discharged, the controller must guarantee that the storage battery can not be over-discharged to protect the storage battery. If the performances of the controller are not good, it will have a great effect on the service lifetime of the storage battery and finally influence the reliability of the system.

Accumulator battery is responsible for storing energy so as to guarantee load power utilization in the night and wet weather.

Inverter is responsible for converting direct current into alternating current for AC load use. Inverter is the core component of PV wind power system. Because territories of use are relatively backward and remote and it’s difficult for maintenance, in order to increase the global performance of PV wind power system, guarantee long-term and stable operation of power station, we raise very high claims for the reliability of inverter. In addition, the costs of new energy power generation are relatively high and therefore the highly efficient movement of inverter is also very important.

Products included
A、PV module B、Fan C、controller D、accumulator battery E、inverter F、Power supply integrating Wind/PV power generation control with inverter
二、Grid-connected electric power system

Renewable energy source grid-connected electric power system is a generating system which directly feeds the renewable energy sources produced by photovoltaic array, wind turbine and fuel cell, etc, into power grid in opposite directions through grid-connected inverter. The renewable energy sources don’t need to be stored by storage battery.

Because inputting electrical energy into power grid directly doesn’t need storage battery, cancels the process of storage battery storing and discharging energy and can take full advantage of the electrical energy generated by renewable energy sources to decrease energy losses and reduce system costs. Grid-connected electric power system can use commercial power and renewable energy sources as the power supplies of local AC loads in parallel which reduces the loss of load probability of the whole system. Meanwhile, renewable energy source grid-connected system can regulate the peak of public power net.

Grid-connected electric power system is the development direction of solar and wind power generation and represents attractive energy utilization technology in the 21st century.

Products included
A、Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter B、Small-sized wind turbine grid-connected inverter C、Large wind turbine converter (doubly-fed converter and full power converter)
PV modules (solar cell panel) specification tables
Model Material Peak power
Peak voltage
Peak current
Open-circuit voltage
Short circuit current
L36P5W31x21 Multi-crystal silicon 5 17.3 0.29 21.6 0.35 310x210x30
L36M5W31x21 Single crystal silicon 5 17.3 0.29 21.6 0.35 310x210x30
L36P20W65x29 Multi-crystal silicon 20 17.3 1.11 21.6 1.28 652x290x30
L36M20W65x29 Single crystal silicon 20 17.3 1.11 21.6 1.28 652x290x30
L36P40W63x43 Multi-crystal silicon 40 17.2 2.32 21.6 2.62 630x542x30
L36M40W63x43 Single crystal silicon 40 17.2 2.32 21.6 2.62 630x542x30
L36P50W84x54 Multi-crystal silicon 50 18 2.78 21.6 3.06 840x542x30
L36M50W84x54 Single crystal silicon 50 18 2.78 21.6 3.06 840x542x30
L36P80W120x54 Multi-crystal silicon 80 18 4.44 21.6 4.88 1197x542x35
L36M80W120x54 Single crystal silicon 80 18 4.44 21.6 4.88 1197x542x35
L36P100W158x54 Multi-crystal silicon 100 18 5.56 21.6 6.64 1580x542x50
L36M100W158x54 Single crystal silicon 100 18 5.56 21.6 6.64 1580x542x50
L36P130W148x67 Multi-crystal silicon 130 18 7.27 22 7.8 1476x665x50
L36M130W148x67 Single crystal silicon 130 18 7.27 22 7.8 1476x665x50
L72P160W158x81 Multi-crystal silicon 160 36 4.44 43.2 4.88 1580x808x50
L72M160W158x81 Single crystal silicon 160 36 4.44 43.2 4.88 1580x808x50
L72P190W158x81 Multi-crystal silicon 190 36 5.27 43.2 5.79 1580x808x50
L72M190W158x81 Single crystal silicon 190 36 5.27 43.2 5.79 1580x808x50
Solar home power supply controller/ solar street lamp controller
Model Rated voltage Rated current Functional description Apply to
LCQ1205 12V 5A 1)Overcharge protection;
2)Over discharge protection;
3)Charge reverse connection protection;
4)Storage cell reverse connection protection;
5)Lightning strike protection;
6)Auto-switch between floating charge and mean charge;
7)Anti-under voltage and anti-over voltage shock design;
8)Charge temperature compensation(LCQ1205 no temperature compensation);
9)Use ambient temperature:-15℃~55℃,elevation:<5000米
Home power system
LCQ1205-T 12V 5A
LCQ1210-T 12V 10A
LCQ1220-T 12V 20A
LCQ2405-T 24V 5A
LCQ2410-T 24V 10A
LCQ2420-T 24V 20A
LCQ4820-T 48V 20A
LCQ1205LT 12V 5A 1)Total functions of LCQ1205-T;
2)Light-controlled switch
3)Time-controlled switch, time can be set randomly between one hour and fifteen hours.
Solar street lamp
LCQ1210LT 12V 10A
LCQ1220LT 12V 20A
LCQ2405LT 24V 5A
LCQ2410LT 24V 10A
LCQ2420LT 24V 20A

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