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I.Three phases and single phase series of purification AC parameter stabilized voltage power supply (sine energy distribution, contactless)
SCWY (CWY) series of purification AC parameter stabilized voltage power supply is made on the principle of sine energy distribution, which is a new product from the improvement of the company's JJW (JSW) precision purification AC voltage regulation. It is one of the AC stabilized voltage power supplies, currently popular in the world. The controller responses rapidly and preciously on the load change in input voltage and output end; and adjusts timely the compensatory voltage on the sine energy distributor to effectively control the output voltage. Thus, the whole device has a high accuracy of voltage regulation and excellent dynamic property. With the added filer of large capacity, it effectively suppresses the high order harmonic, peak voltage, and the noise interference signal, combining as one the output waveform more pure and integrating the voltage regulation, purification, interference resistance, and automatic protection. It is one of advanced stabilized voltage power supplies at present.
   The product is broadly used in all the places needing voltage regulation, such as computer related products, medical monitoring and controlling system, program controlling system, auto measuring equipment, broadcasting and TV equipment, equipment for post and communications, auto plug-in devices, production line, printing equipment, plastic injection equipment, automatic teller machine, SMT equipment, and scientific experiment, etc.
2、Main technical index and specifications
1、Operation frequency: 50Hz±5%/added distortion of the output waveform: ≤2%
2、Accuracy of voltage regulation:±0.5%
3、Instant resume time:≤30ms
4、Efficiency: ≥98 (full load)
5、Voltage resistance: 2000V, no breakdown in one minute
6、Protection of phase loss: having
7、Insulation resistance:>2MΩ
8、Over voltage protection: output loop automatically switches off when three output voltage
     ≥415V and single phase ≥245V
9、Warning: under voltage indication light (yellow) is on when three output voltage is 320 to
     345V and single phase voltage is 185 to 200V
10、Filtering property: frequency 0.15M to 10G
11、Insert consumption: differential mode 70 to 100dB, common mode 100dB
Model Rated
Out dimensions
Input voltage
Output voltage
SCWY-3 3 4.5 480×250×450 39 304~456 380±0.5%
SCWY-6 6 9 560×280×450 61
SCWY-10 10 16 995×500×350 98
SCWY-15 15 23 995×500×350 122
SCWY-20 20 31 995×500×350 160
SCWY-30 30 46 1000×600×400 180
CWY-1 1 4.5 220×125×365 13 176~266 220±0.5%
CWY-2 2 9 355×200×450 33
CWY-3 3 16 355×200×450 39
CWY-5 5 23 355×200×450 41
CWY-10 10 46 410×244×500 53
II、ZSBW and ZDBW series of complementary AC voltage regulator of three phases and single phase, and intelligent purification with no contact
ZDBW and ZSBW series of complementary AC voltage regulator of single phase and three phases, and intelligent purification is the latest AC voltage regulator of high power, designed by the company with the imported foreign new technology of AC voltage regulator and according to the domestic situation. It integrates as one the complementary style and contactless switch, and the technology of AV voltage regulation controlled by the microprocessor. It has the characteristics of high efficiency of energy saving, fast regulation, noiseless, automatic balance of the three phases, no mechanical failure and carbon brush wear, and long operation life. It also has the functions of time delaying, alarming and protecting against over and under voltage. At the same time, the regulator has outstandingly solved the problems of costae current impact to the contactless switch in the transient process during the system and the components and the components damage caused by the over voltage. Its strong instant over loading capacity increases remarkably the reliability of the system operation.
      The product can be used broadly in places needing stable voltage, such as industrial automation, plant equipment, numerical controlled machine, textile and other light industries, medical treatment, hotel, broadcasting and TV, the communication equipment. With the computer remote communication interface, it can realize the remote power supply control, remote communication, and remote measuring.
2、Main technical index and specifications
1、Operation frequency:50~60Hz
3、Accuracy of voltage regulation:≤±(1~5)%
4、Stabilizing time:≤0.04S
5、Voltage resistance: 2000V without breakdown for one minute
6、Filtering property: frequency 0.1MHz to 10GHzinsert consumption; differential mode 70 to
    100dB, common mode 100dB
7、Purge resistance: peak suppression input 4000V, pulse width 2μs, output is smaller than
    20V; input, 4000V, pulse width 0.5μs, output smaller than 2V
8、Waveform distortion: ≤0.1% (Additional)
Model Rated
Input voltage
Output voltage
Out dimensions
ZSBW-10 10 16 Line voltage:
Optional in order
Line voltage:
ZSBW-20 20 30 550×450×1350
ZSBW-30 30 46 550×450×1350
ZSBW-50 50 76 550×450×1350
ZSBW-100 100 152 850×450×1450
ZSBW-180 180 274 950×650×1850
ZSBW-225 225 342 950×650×1850
ZSBW-320 320 487 1100×800×1850
ZSBW-400 400 608 1100×800×1850
ZSBW-500 500 761 1500×800×2200
ZSBW-600 600 913 1600×800×2200

ZDBW-2 2 9 Phase voltage:
Optional in order:
Phase voltage
ZDBW-3 3 14 355×200×450
ZDBW-5 5 24 355×200×450
ZDBW-10 10 47 410×244×500
ZDBW-20 20 93 500×300×630
ZDBW-30 30 138 590×350×690
III.CWY-J single and three phases series of parameter AC stabilized voltage power supply (magnetic saturation)
1、Products Introduction
CWY-J series of parameter AC stabilized voltage power supply is a stabilized voltage power supply of new generation absorbed the domestic advancing experience, which can meet the requirements of the high performance and high reliability of the power supply in military industry, railway, aviation, medical treatment, post and communications, broadcasting and TV, etc. With the precious design of the nonlinear parameters of the electrical and magnetic system, this series of the power supply meets the resonance and stability conditions for the rapid, high effective, and stable transmission of the energy. It has overcome various serious disadvantages of idle consumption of high current, low efficiency, high temperature increase, and waveform distortion of magnetic saturation and constant voltage transformer. At the same time, it has also overcome the disadvantages of long strain time, narrow voltage regulation range, short operation life, and easy over voltage output of the 614 series of electronic AC stabilized voltage power supply and other power supplies. There are controlling circuits consisting of transistors and other electronic components within the power supply. The input and output are isolated completely for high reliability, and strong interference resistance and over load. It has the advantages of not facing the danger of over voltage at the output end and bearing the short circuit at the output end. The series of power supply is broadly used in various kinds of high precision and advanced electronic equipment for isolation, interference resistance, and high precision stabilized voltage power supply. It is also suitable to normal electronic equipment used as a stabilized voltage power supply of high quality.
2、Main technical index and specifications
  Single phase Three phases
Rated power 0.5KVA;1KVA;2.2KVA:3.2KVA;5.2KVA 10KVA;15KVA;20KVA;30KVA 2.2KVA;3.2KVA;6KVA;10KVA;15KVA 30KVA;45KVA;60KVA;100KVA;150KVA
Input voltage 140V~300V 260V~460V
Output voltage input 176V~260V 220V±1% 380V(+2% ~ -7%)
input 160V~260V 20V±2%
input 140V~300V 220V±2%
Strain time <30ms <30ms
Interference resistance input is smaller than 30V when input superimposed 2KV/1ms peak pulse
Over voltage protection No over voltage in output
Short circuit protection The output voltage automatically drops to zero when output or load short circuited, and resume normal work after trouble removed.
Noise <53dB <56dB
Operation mode Continuous.
Anti-lightning through flow 75KA
Ⅳ. ZJY series of automatic AC stabilized voltage power supply
ZJY series of automatic AC stabilized voltage power supply is a popularized AC stabilized voltage power supply. Its mainly consists of the contacting self-coupling voltage regulator, servo motor, and automatic control circuit. When the input city electricity varies, the control circuit monitors and tests it, while outputing a control signal to the servo motor to adjust the carbon brush onto the self-coupling voltage regulator position to ensure the stability of the output voltage. The power supplies above 2KVA is equipped with an over voltage protection device, which automatically cuts off the load of the voltage protection when the output voltage is higher than the rated value.
Main specifications
Single phase :Rated power 500VA 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA 5KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA
Three phases :Rated power 1.5KVA 3KVA 6KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 50KVA 100KVA

★The company also accepts customization of various kinds of AC stabilized voltage.