EPS power supply, UPS power supply, EPS power supply for fire protection,Shanghai Liyou Electrification Co.,Ltd
EPS power supply, UPS power supply, EPS power supply for fire protection,Shanghai Liyou Electrification Co.,Ltd
I、Introduction of EPS power supply
      The EPS power supply is produced by the company for the need of the power supply equipment of first class such as fire protection facility, emergency lighting, and incident lighting. The product consists of interinput device, automatic charging machine, inversion power supply, and storage battery set. It supplies the important load through the interinput device when the AC supplying network is normal.
      When the AC supplying network is broken down, the interinput device switches to the Inversion power supply immediately. The supply is switched from emergency power supply to supplying network when the latter resumes to normal. When the supply is off, the emergency power supply can supply to various electrical equipment. It has the properties of broad application, strong load suitability, easy installation, and high efficiency. The collective supply it adopts can overcome the disadvantages in other supply styles that cannot be overcome. It reduces the waste of unnecessary electrical energy. In places of emergency incident and lighting needed, its conversion efficiency is low and its performance price ratio is higher than that of the UPS power supply in continuous operation in a long time.
The application range of EPS power supply
  • electrical appliance, emergency lighting
  • high-rise, people’s air defense building
  • subway, airport, and transportation companies
  • as well as all the places needing EPS power supply
II、Technical index
AC Input voltage 220VAC single phase / 380VAC Three phases ± 20%
AC Input frequency 45 ~ 65 Hz
AC Output voltage It is the same with the supplying network in normal time;
when in emergency, 220V / 380VAC ±5%
AC Output frequency 50 Hz ± 0.05
Output power Single phase:0.5 to 100 KW;Three phases:2.2 to 500 KW
Emergency time 90 minutes (standard type) or set by the customer itself
Over load capacity 120 % for normal operation、150% 10s
Efficient Supply from the supplying network :100%;
Supply from EPS power supply:85%to92%
Converting time of the interinput device static state mode≤ 10 ms;
magnetic mode (standard equipped) ≤ 100 ms
Protect the function over load of output, short circuit of output, over heat protection, over recharging of the storage battery, protection of over discharging
Operation ambient Temperature:-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;
relative humidity:0 to 90% no dew
Height above sea level ≤2000 m

★The company also accepts customization of various kinds of EPS power supply