Introduction of other power supplies
Introduction of other power supplies
Introduction of other power supplies
Shanghai Liyou Electrification Co.,Ltd is specialized in design, production, and sales of medium frequency power supply, AC variable-frequency power supply, aging power supply, transducer, special power supply for solar electricity generation and wind power electricity generation, and inverter.
I、The medium frequency power supply: (capacity 500W~100KW)
1.Adopting the unique instant value double ring control mode for high control accuracy, high precious waveform, and good waveform quality, suitable for all kinds of loads; 2. IGBT/PWM mode boasts small size, light weight, low noise, and high efficiency; 3. Microprocessor controlled, output voltage frequency is adjustable online, operation and failure are easy to see; 4. Two-step-type frequency output type; (1) 400HZ and (2) 50HZ to 450HZ, continuous adjustable, and can be made according to the customer’s requirement; 5. With strong load capacity: 120% for delay of 600 seconds; 150% for 60 seconds, and 200% for I second; 6. It is a design of independent three phases, capable of 100% of unbalanced load for operation for long time; 7. The output of the isolation transformer is safe and reliable.
II、AC frequency variable frequency power supply(capacity 500W~100KW)
1. Key-type voltage regulation of high accuracy and fast voltage and frequency adjustment;
2. Display of high accuracy: voltage, current, frequency, and active power;
3. Function of unique time setting; the control output time is 0 to 16 hrs, adjustable;
4. Programmable dynamic output voltage and fast output mode of voltage/frequency
    220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz and 120V/60Hz, and the output voltage: 47-63Hz (400Hz optional) 0
    to 300V, adjustable and simulating voltages in countries all over the world;
5. Protection and alarming functions of over voltage, over current, over load, and over heat.